About Holland Welding Fabricators Ltd – What’s in a name?

We don’t come from Holland and we aren’t Dutch, so why ‘Holland Welding Fabricators’?

Holland Welding Fabricators Ltd is named in honour of Thomas Edward Holland and John Edward Holland.

THOMAS EDWARD (c1833-1886) was born in Dedham, Essex, but later moved to Clapham. He was a Master Farrier and had a blacksmiths shop. The definition of a farrier is a blacksmith who has the added skill of being able to put a horse shoe on a horse. His shop was in Howard Street, Battersea (Howard Street later changed to Bridport Terrace). He was a blacksmith and farrier all his life, although earlier he was known as a ‘shoeing smith’. Shoeing smiths shod horses and knew the blacksmith’s trade.

JOHN EDWARD HOLLAND (1871-1940) was the eighth, and youngest, child of Thomas Edward. John started work as a farrier when he was 11 years old. He lived at Forge Cottage over the blacksmiths shop. Having learnt to be a farrier from his father, he worked on the railways as a farrier for nearly 40 years, eventually becoming a journeyman farrier. He worked at Nine Elms, Vauxhall. In the 1901 Census he was listed as a ‘farrier blacksmith’.

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