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Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we are able to provide the best in marine welding and fabrication. We are an island surrounded by water and our love for boats and ships has never faded. Being an island means we have a large marine community from yachts and fishing vessels in Southend and Leigh on Sea to large container ships and tug boats and barges in the Tilbury docks. Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we want to provide the best quality service in marine welding and fabrication to everyone in the marine community. We have found out over time that many yacht owners want a custom piece of marine welding and fabrication for their boat. many parts for yachts are not available as an off the shelf part and has to be fabricated to suit the yacht. Well, if that is you look no further we are able to fabricate every part for your yacht whether it’s a handrail, grab rail or stainless steel space saver staircase we are here to help. All are stainless steel materials will be of the highest marine grade 316 so your product is long lasting and corrosion resistant. We are also able to provide mirror and grain polishing to your custom fabricated marine fabrication so your product will really stand out from the crowd. If you are the captain of a large vessel such as a cargo ship and you require welding repairs when in dock, then call us today and arrange for one of our welding or fabrication team to help resolve your immediate needs.

We are very flexible and will do all we can to get you back on track.

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The other side to our marine welding and fabrication service is on site repairs to ships and tugboats and fishing vessels. We are always on hand to fix any repair that you may have whether it’s the side of your ship that needs re plating, patching up, cracked cleat or a bracket has broken in the engine room we are here to get you back up and running we pride ourselves in welding and fabrication any part that is required. Ships, fishing vessels and tug boats regularly need maintenance and repairs done to keep them in the best shape as they take a lot of battering and wear and tear on the sea we understand that you need to be back up and running as soon as possible we are able to send one of our skilled team to assist you at very short notice to get your marine welding and fabrication sorted out fast. Our fully equipped workshop is located very conveniently in Dunton which is in the middle of Southend and Tilbury. We are located 15 miles away from Southend and 10 miles from Tilbury so we can be with you in a very short space of time. In our years of experience, we have found that Barge boats are another vital part of the marine community. Barges are used often to transport waste and materials out of London where space is limited to Tilbury Dock where space is readily available. Here at Holland Fabricators we work closely with barge companies to find the most cost effective and efficient ways of getting their marine welding and fabrication needs met.

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