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Quality gates and railings for schools come in many different styles, designs and materials. Our aim at Holland Welding Fabricators is to find the best style and designs that suit your school. Whether the quality gates and railing for schools have to integrate into an existing style this is something that we are more that capable to complete. We also know the importance of keeping your school safe and secure quality gates and railings is the perfect way to do this unlike using wooden fences which need continual maintenance. One of the many services we can help with once your railing have been up for a while is cutting unwanted bike locks and padlocks off as we have found that many railings become littered with them over time. Many Gates and railings these days are made with tube which might look safe and secure but they can very easily be cut and broken with a hacksaw. We recommend solid mild steel bars which last a very long time. When we come to your site to fit your railings we always access the best fixing method for your railings.

We use a range from chem-fix, anchor bolts, Fischer fixings or sometimes we concrete the railings straight into the brickwork. When fixing railings, it’s very important to choose the right fixing method as with the wrong one the railings could become loose and great damage could be cause to your brickwork. Sometimes we have to supply or repair railings for grade 2 listed buildings choosing the right fixing is extremely important on these jobs as replacing 300-year brickwork is no easy task.

We weld, fabricate and coat your gates and railings for schools with quality.

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Railings around your school can be very low maintenance if coated in the right way. Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we recommend to optimise the life of your railings we hot dip galvanise then powder coat your railings.

Hot dip galvanizing lasts up to 70 years and if powder coating is done well and without any chips it can last 20 years without need for attention. With these options we advise your quality gates and railings for schools will be looking great for many years into the future.

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