Powder coating & industrial spray painting

Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we are experts in industrial spray painting. We often spray paint our metal or steel fabrications to the exact colour using the RAL number that our customers require. We always recommend powder coating paint on our products because powder coating leaves a dense and attractive thick finish on metal products which is much more durable and is longer lasting than spray painting. We like to have our products sand blasted, undercoated and either powder coated, which we recommend or spray painted industrially. We always take time to prepare the item properly before painting. Spray painting always needs to be done with the surface property treated with all oil, grease, rust and contaminates removed. The preparation is a very important part of the process if this is not done correctly the paint will not last very long even if the paint is high quality. When we spray paint something in our workshop we always wipe down the item to be painted with thinners. We do genuinely care about producing.

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Here at Holland welding fabricators if we are painting a item that has already been painted we always rub down the item with a orbital sander to remove loose paint and to allow the new coat or paint to be absorbed into the item to be painted. Some of our preparation for industrial spray painting includes the use of rust converters which remove the rust and bring the item back to bare metal. Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we almost always use a zinc coat before we undercoat to give the coat a longer lasting protection. Once we have sprayed the protective zinc layer we then undercoat then spray the final top coat. We are also able to spray lacquer to give your product a shiny protective layer. At present we are not able to offer car or van spraying as we are not set up to do this but as we progress in the future this is differently a service we would like to offer our customers. We also want to reassure our customers that when we do industrial spray painting for you we always wrap your items adequately so they are fully protected then they are palleted ready for collection or delivered to you. If you have any requirements or questions about industrial spray painting feel free to call one of our helpful staff.

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