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Steel Security grills for your house, basements, stables, outbuildings, businesses are a great way to keep your property safe. Steel Security grills come in many different forms and styles. Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we make bespoke steel Security grills to suit your property. We are able to design and fabricate a real one off steel security grills that will look really attractive we use scrolls, wrought iron leaves, flowers, twisted bar and many other types of steel stock which will make your steel security grills look fantastic but more importantly secure. The most common materials we use for our bespoke security grills are Stainless Steel and mild steel. The mild steel grills for windows and basements can be power coated, plastic coated or galvanised to suit our customers’ requirements.

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With our years of experience, we have found that steel security grills are the only true way of keeping your house, basement, stables, outbuildings and businesses secure. The way we fix our steel security grills are with fixing tabs every 350mms to ensure complete strength. We choose only the strongest shatter resistant fixings. Here at Holland Welding Fabricators we normally use snap off nuts or weld the fixings so an intruder cannot undo the fixings from the outside and gain access. As well as ornate wrought iron security grills we are also able to fabricate basic high strength steel security grills which are cheaper to produce and more cost effective for the customers who isn’t so worried about the look. These steel security grills are great for the business owner who has many windows or basements to secure. We have found that our basic range of steel security grills are actually cheaper than replacing the window itself which is great news for our customers. Some of the older properties we design steel security grills for only have single pain windows which are very easy to break we are also very aware of fixing the steel security grills in such a way as not to damage the window frame especially if the window frame is antique or is from a grade 2 listed property. With our research we have found that windows are one of the main ways an intruder gains access to a property with our steel security grills they are great way to visually deter an intruder from your property.

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